Personalized Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit (NO Mold) | Unique Baby Shower & New Mom Gift with Box | Baby Registry Must Have for Newborn Boy & Girl | DIY Photo Frame Keepsake | Nursery Room Decor

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Looking for a unique way to remember and showcase your baby’s precious moments?

Babies are infants for just a few months. Moms and dads can’t help but marvel at how adorable those tiny feet and hands are. You can take photos all you want and post them in numerous baby picture albums.

However, if you are looking for something more exceptional and truly worth showcasing, why not create 3D prints of their hands and feet? Make sure that you choose one that is easy to do, safe for your newborn, and stays beautiful and durable for a longer time.

Preserve precious memories with our DIY Bebe Vibes Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit!

We know how much you treasure every moment of your child’s first year on earth. That’s why we created something that can help you preserve that memory and cherish it forever. Our kit includes top-grade materials that ensure the best results and the longest lifespan:

Hand-painted whole white frame
Sealed white backboard
Non-toxic soft white clay
Durable plexi glass
Set of easy instructions with pictures

Aside from using it for your little one, this kit may also preserve the paw prints of your pet cat or dog. Create these cute mementos and hang them on the wall for family and friends to see.

We deliver the kit in a decorative box so you can immediately give it away as a gift to expecting moms and dads, new parents, and even grandparents!

More reasons to love our custom handprint and footprint kit:
👣Frame comes with anti-mold paint so it stays clean and pristine even after several years
👣White backboard ensures the entire keepsake looks great when the white clay has shrunk and dried

Create the perfect souvenir of baby’s delicate years. Add the Bebe Vibes Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit to your cart TODAY!