Limited Promo: The Amazing Baby Memory Book by KiddosArt. Keepsake Journal | Scrapbook | Photo Album, Record Memories and Milestones of The First 5 Years On 72 Beautiful Pages. Baby Shower Gift Set

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Color: Starring: Happy Animals

Say Hellooo to KiddosArt's own Celebrity Munch-Bunch Happy Animals!
The Amazing Story of Me starring our Happy Animals crafts beloved moments into memories for a lifetime.
Join the Munch-Bunch friends on a colorful and joyous adventure of laughter and hops.
Capture your baby's growth and awesomeness, as our Happy Animals and their best friends add a touch of fun
and sweetness to your favorite memories in a beautifully drawn baby memory book.

From back in the days when mommy and daddy met to your baby's first year in school,
the fun-tastic Munch-Bunch tells the Amazing Story of YOU! in a one-of-a-kind 72 pages photo album
bundled with a keepsake envelope and 12 monthly stickers.

Our book is filled with lots of exciting moments such as:
Baby Shower Party
Growth and Teething Chart
Hands and Foot Prints
Monthly Growth
Milestones and Activities
Holidays and Celebrations
Birthdays - up to 5 years old!
Family and Friends
First year in school

The KiddosArt baby books are crafted with lots of love, fun and great care by our family
to record your baby's growth, as a precious keepsake to reminisce on for many years to come.

Why you'll love love love...
The perfect modern baby shower gift for Expecting Parents.
The most complete Baby Book/Photo Album/Scrapbook available anywhere!
Unisex Design: Perfect for Boys or Girls!
Records baby's 1st year's growth in great detail + 5 birthdays and Holidays.
72 beautifully drawn 8.5" x 11" pages with original storytelling artwork.
FREE! 12 monthly stickers & 1 keepsake envelope - just because we LOVE!
Easy to modify and has room for funny stories with over 100+ photos
Responsibly Printed, Eco-friendly, Soy based-Inks.

Parents, we're here for you!
Feel free to contact us with any question!