Kiddy Bliss Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Girl - Large Baby Month Blanket for Baby Pictures, Baby Age Blanket, Milestone Unicorn Blanket are Great for Newborn Girl, Include Props and Headband

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In this age, there is simply no excuse to ever missing out on your baby's milestone, when every single moment of their life can be captured by your camera. Our Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket makes for the perfect way to document all those unforgettable times.
Each large blanket is made of exquisite material that is not only wrinkle and shrink-resistant, it's also silky smooth and unbelievably soft to the touch, just the way your baby wants it.
With the perfect designs to commemorate how many days, weeks, or even years old your baby girl or boy is, and adorable heart and arrow props and even a headband to mark them as you snap up another milestone in their life, treasure the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Beautiful to look at, and every bit as comfortable for your baby to sleep in, each baby monthly milestone blanket is made for:

✔ The discerning parent who wants every significant moment on record in style, complete with adorable props to show how old your baby is on the blanket,

✔ The amazing baby who will enjoy sleeping in 50x50 inches of soft flannel fleece, thicker than most other blankets out in the market.

✔ That Instagram account you just know will be filled with adorable baby milestones showcasing high quality digitally printed colors that never fade

✔ That doting aunt/uncle who came up with the perfect gift for the baby shower, complete with a gift card that shows them how much you truly care. It can be used as baby blanket, swaddle, nursing cover, stroller cover, play mat, photography backdrop and more!

✔ That pregnant mummy who can hang the blanket on the wall and track her growing baby bump!

This is it, baby! Because your baby deserves only the best, and you want every significant moment of their life immortalized, this baby monthly milestone blanket is an absolute must for the parent who cares about the memories!