Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit – Handprint Picture Frame for Newborns (Safe Clean-Touch Ink Pad for Prints) – Best New Mom and Shower Gift – Foot Impression Photo Keepsake for Girls & Boys – (White)

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Make your baby's cute hands and footprints into memories to cherish forever with Co Littles ink keepsake frame!

What could be more adorable than newborns first year in this world, parents most sacred time with their cute prince or princess! We can’t stop your baby to grow but… we are happy to help you save those memories that fill our hearts with love in this frame. We do not only save memories with photos but also with remarkable realistic prints of your newborn's itty-bitty fingers and toes in our handprint frame. We have made this project easy to follow with customer tips and instructions to ensure a pleasant and fun experience.

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This Handprint Photo Frame will be your living reminder of that important first year and this will bring sheer joy to the whole family for a lifetime.

Get yours before it's too late to preserve these early memories!