Baby Hand and Footprint Kit for Newborn Girls and Boys, Personalized Baby Handprint and Footprint frame Keepsake, Non-Toxic Clay, Solid Wood Picture Frame. Perfect Registry, Baby Shower & Newborn Gift

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Product Description

NEOWEEK is a brand with love. We offer great ideas to help you capture the most precious memories of your baby's life.

This baby hand and footprint kit is popular in Europe, Korea, Japan, China, and has provided a great parent-child bonding experience for millions of families.

baby footprint kit

why choose us?

1.Mess-Free Ink-No ink on baby's hand and foot after making the beautiful baby print kit

2.High quality and heavy duty, alpine white and premium wood baby picture frame

3.Unbreakable glass cover provides elegant appearance

4.Modern and clean gift package design

5. The baby handprint kit can be set as a stand or hung on the wall

6. Novelty Baby shower gifts for newborn baby girls or boys in 2019