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The third trimester is when mamas experience a wide variety of emotions: uncertainty, excitement, impatience, fear and heart-bursting joy about finally meeting their baby for the first time. They also are possibly super uncomfortable. That’s why we created the third trimester gift box to pamper and prepare you for delivery! Your pregnant wife or pregnant friend will get 6 full-size, personal care products and baby essentials, handpicked by moms who have all been there. Know an expecting and anxious mom in her third trimester? Check it out and help your mom-to-be feel special and more comfortable with the perfect pregnancy gift box for mom or friend. What’s inside our third trimester gift box? * Sleek'e Hair Wrap: Reduce frizz and prep your strands for next-level fab with the luxuriously soft hair wrap from Sleek’e. Moms love this item! * Mavi Headband: Each Mavi Band comes with an adjustable, elastic back — making it a perfect fit every time! So keep on being active, mama!! * ToGoSpa Coconut Eyes: These under-eye collagen treatments are perfect for refreshing tired mama-eyes! Put them under your eyes and let the cool collagen, amino acid, and coconut packed strips do all the work! * Bumplife Wood Massager: Carrying around that extra weight in the third trimester really puts a strain on your body and muscles. The Bumplife Wood Massager is the perfect personal care product for rubbing some of those tense muscles out. Pro tip: it’s great for labor! * BumpLife "Inhale, Exhale" No Slip Socks: Expecting moms say stressing about delivery is one of their top pregnancy concerns. Pack them in the hospital bag for “D” day; the rubber gripping on the bottom is perfect for padding around waiting for labor to kick in. * Glow Organics 9 Balance Foot Soak: This foot soak is made with essential oils and all-natural ingredients and will have your swollen, tired feet feeling better in no time!